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Something Great

I just finished Larry Niven’s latest Known Space book. It was written with Edward M. Lerner. If this is an indication of what this collaboration can do for Niven and Known Space then I hope Niven and Lerner collaborate on a lot of books in the next little while. It was easily the best book on Known Space since Ringworld. I’ve not enjoyed an SF book the way I enjoyed Fleet of Worlds in I don’t know how long.

Something Surreal

I’m still not used to paying less for items when I buy them from the US. Historically when I’ve ordered goods from the States I’ve had to do arithmetic to figure out how much this would cost me in Canadian. No longer. Now I know that it’ll cost less than whatever value is quoted, and even with the shipping it usually comes out damn cheap. Awesome! And yet surreal after having a pathetic dollar for decades. It is nice, though. No idea how long it’ll last, but with forthcoming interest cuts in the US I can see the dollar heading up again — esp. if oil continues to go north.

Something Cool

Back to the Future or what? So awesome. If you click on the picture you can see additional shots as well as a description of how he did it. What’s totally cool about this is that it’s simple. Elegantly simple. And so damn cool! I’m seriously thinking of building one of these things. And you can power it with nothing more than a 9 volt battery!

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