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Damn Spam

Comments are off. They were turned on by accident, anyway. This should stop the spam at least.

Media as a Utility

I see that New Yorker Magazine just did something very nifty: The Complete New Yorker Portable Hard Drive. Although having it online as a subscription service would be great, too, this is an awesome thing to have it if you want to read past articles, search articles, or just relax by reading stuff from the […]

Cool and Useful Hardware

Some pieces of hardware are simply too cool. I picked up this piece at Tiger Direct. It allows you to easily swap drives for different OSes. I used to use a tray system for my old IDE drives but this is mucho simpler. The old system required $30 trays while this new system costs $25 […]

Midwest US Ice Storm

I feel for the folks in the US Midwest. This storm has dropped between 0.5cm to 2.5 cm of ice causing general havoc. We went through The Ice Storm of 1998 which is considered the worst ice storm in recent history — dumping 5-7 times as much ice as the Midwest is experiencing. Some folks […]

Lisp Machine VM

I’ve been wondering why no-one has put together a proper Lisp Machine VM. By that I mean a VM that runs in something like VMware Player. It would allow anyone who needs one to simply launch a Lisp Machine. I do realize the original Lisp Machines, like the Symbolics 3600 I coded on decades ago, […]

Bubble 2.0: The Video (updated)

Saw this video over at TechCrunch. Brilliant and funny. Enjoy. That’s the new version. Read why it’s changed here: Updated Video at Plagiarism Today. A nice, level headed piece on the whole issue. Tech Crunch also weighs in. I’ll just sit back and enjoy the video now that it’s back. It is funny, esp. after […]

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