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Awesome Space Photo

I love space photos and you can see a wonderful one here daily. Today’s astro pic is wonderful and it’s on my background now.

Microsoft Provides Documentation for Office Binary Formats

Will wonders never cease? Microsoft has provided documentation for their Office Binary File Formats (doc, xls, ppt). You can download them from that link. This is all in response to the Microsoft Open Specification Promise. I wonder if someone’s now going to write a program to fix all the damaged Word files we have lying […]

Juggler of Worlds…
Juggler of Worlds…

Fleet of Worlds was simply awesome. Finally, after many years, a book worthy of Ringworld and The Ringworld Engineers. And now here’s another Ringworld book! This is set 200 years before Ringworld was discovered, which I assume is 200 years before the Puppeteers find Ringworld but after the Pak have long gone from the scene. […]

It’s Baaaack!

My favourite dot com publication, The Industry Standard is back! I’ve only looked at it quickly this AM when I found out the public beta was available. They have an interesting line up of pundits and seem to be accepting articles from others. I believe they’re restricting articles to no more than 3 per person […]

Where Are They Now?

C-Net News has an interesting article titled Dot-com Pioneers — Where Are They Now?. It’s a list of all those companies that we all read about in The Industry Standard and elsewhere during the late 90s. Some are obviously still around but some have fallen off our radars, though they exist in one form or […]

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