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Records. But not ones I wanted to see broken

I lived through the winter of 1970-71. It was something else. 444 cm of snow — that’s more than 14.5 feet! — fell that winter. I remember shoveling and shoveling and shoveling. And just when you thought not another flake could fall, more would fall.

Well, this winter is now officially the second most snowy of all time. We’ve now had 355cm or more than 11.5 feet. And Environment Canada tells us that March usually accounts for 20% of our snowfall! Last night we had nearly 30cm, another record — we’ve had a lot this winter. If we’re expecting to see a “normal” March that means we’ll have another 50cm to look forward to.

Think that’s nuts? Well, Environment Canada has said we’re looking at a week or so of snow, perhaps another 25 – 30cm before the middle of next week. And that won’t even put us 1/2 way through the month! Another 50cm would push us over 4 metres! Nuts.

Last year we had nearly no snow, just over a metre if memory serves. This year we may have 4 times as much as last year, and well more than a normal winter that sees about 2.5 metres.

It’s funny that last year the global warming crowd was constantly pointing out the mild winter indicating it was a portent of things to come. So far this winter, not a peep from those guys. Maybe their too busy bitching about trying to find room for all the freakin’ snow!

For an appreciation of what us folks up here have lived through this year, here’s shot courtesy of Paul Kedrosky’s blog from his brother in Ottawa. That’s one dump. Yay.

I say, bring on the global warming! I preferred last winter!

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