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Ugh. Spam. Worse still, spam filters

Why are spam filters so brain dead? How hard can it be for the big ISPs to just trash spam that’s in Cyrillic or various Asian scripts? Why can’t I just say: “if it’s not in Latin script, delete it”. Honestly, something so simple and it’s not done. Oh. Sure, I can “make a script” […]

Shirky and Overload

This is truly an amazing talk. It explains logically why we see so much crap and why Sturgeon’s Law seems to be the only one we experience day to day. Shirky’s always good for one of those “Duh” forehead slaps. This is another case in point. In terms of spam, and I believe this for […]

New and Improved vs. Old and Lousy

I’m getting more than a bit annoyed that some of my favourite things keep getting “improved”. Sometimes it’s a mild change, like using HFCS instead of sugar in a soft drink. Other times, it’s more insidious. Yesterday I bought a bag of Goodies. For those unfamiliar with this candy, here’s a picture and a link. […]

It’s the End of the World as We Know It … And I Feel Fine

If you’re reading this the world didn’t end and the Hadron Collider experiment succeeded.┬áDid it find the “God Particle”? That’s the new question, but those wondering when the End of the World will be will have to look elsewhere.

Distractions, Big and Small

A few folks who know me well asked why I’ve not posted anything in a while. It’s not for lack of interesting topics but more due to work, kitchen renos, the start of summer, etc. And as summer starts up I’m hoping to get out on the links but the weather, work, and the kitchen […]

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