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God Help Us

I tire of these creationist fools, in all their guises. Without diligence they’ll shove us back thousands of years with their insane takes on science. Even after Judge Jones’ stated that those pushing creationism displays “breathtaking inanity”. That phrase can be applied to a lot of idiocy out there, today. For the curious wishing to […]

Why I Find Software Depressing

Each day that goes by I find another reason for my disgruntlement, nay, depression with software. What was a cool thing to do has slowly evolved into a form of archaelogical drudgery wherein one digs around in other people’s crappy code trying to sort out how something works and then attempts to morph an idea […]

Book Review: Geeks Bearing Gifts

I’m re-reading a book by Ted Nelson, the guy who created the notion of hypertext back in 67, and fully documented it. You can read about his creation, called Xanadu, on Wikipedia. His new book is more of a rant about the computer industry. It’s a telling book. First for the oddities of the book. […]

U2: No Line On the Horizon

Those that know me well know I’ve been a fan of U2 since 1979. I first heard a U2 song when a good friend of mine played a tune he’d brought back from Ireland. It was awesome and I was hooked. I believed them to be the future of Rock and Roll. For thirty years […]

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