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Why I Hate Programming

I had a chat with an old friend last night about a bevy of CS things and we came to why I haven’t programmed much the past decade or so. It’s not that I can’t. I had to for one of my Ph.D. courses. It’s just that I find it too low bandwidth. It’s a […]

No More Programmatic Verbosity

I’ve been disillusioned with programming languages for a long while. I started coding in the 70s and more than 30 years later here I am in a funk about programming languages, but I do see rays of light. First, let me tell you about the languages I like: C Pascal Algol Lisp Prolog Scheme Python […]

Proud of the GG, Seriously Badass

I never thought I’d actually approve of the GG. In general I find it an uber-political appointment that seems so ceremonial that little of value every comes out of it. And then Michaella Jean goes and proves me wrong. As Teddy Roosevelt used to say, Bully! Jean Snacks on Seal Meat Governor General Applauded, Denounced […]

Images of VATs

This article caught my eye today: Once Considered Unthinkable, US Sales Tax Gets Fresh Look. Obviously, in the US, there will be a massive hue-and-cry over this. But I really don’t see why. I’m all for consumption taxes. They’re fair. If you want to consume more, or if you can due to how much money […]

Why no mid-size Mac Pro?

There are a lot of mysteries in this universe, not least of which is the way Apple builds their computers. They have computers like the Mac Pro which is wonderfully assembled and easily expandable. Then you have the iMac which is a sealed unit and a bitch to upgrade, other than memory. It seems some […]


There’s a great article on Rogue over at Gamasutra. It brings back a lot of memories, especially ones of sitting in the computer lab playing Rogue on the Engineering Vax. It so inspired me and a couple of friends that a few years later, around 1985, we coded up a version of Rogue for the […]

Culinary Delights: Turkish Figs

One of my favourite snacks is dry figs. Not fresh ones — I’m not a fan. But dry ones. And the best dry ones are out right now: Turkish. I’ve had figs from all over but the dried figs from Turkey — which are just in season now — are by far the best. Head […]

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