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Why We May Never Have IT Security

I’ve been asked repeatedly why security is so bad. For years I’ve just ignored the question, figuring it was pretty obvious to anyone who spent more than a few seconds observing IT. However, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s not obvious. Most people don’t get why IT security is hard and getting harder and […]

Dilbert 2.0: The Book

Just picked up a copy of Dilbert 2.0, the book. It’s awesome with one small flaw: it’s not all of the Dilberts of the past 20 years. However, Scott Adams includes on a CD all of the past 20 years of Dilbert — well, up to mid-May 2008. The tome is beautiful and well worth […]

Wanna know why the US has problems?

Well, I’ve heard stupid things said before, but this takes the cake. Media Matters: O’Reilly’s Fuzzy Canadian Health Care Math And then some wonder why some Americans are totally lost when it comes to doing simple things, like arithmetic. Life expectancy isn’t based on the fact they have 10x as many people, or we have […]

40 Years Ago Today … Man Walked On The Moon!

I’ll leave it to the pictures to tell the story. You can see many more at the NASA Apollo site.

Pictures of the Moon Landing Sites
Pictures of the Moon Landing Sites

NASA just released some mid-resolution pictures of the Moon and the various Apollo landing sites. You can see the lunary lander module courtesy of a low Sun. In the Apollo 14 shots you can see the footpath created by the astronauts. Amazing. Here’s the shot of Apollo 14’s landing site with the footpath.

July 16, 1969
July 16, 1969

We choose to go to the moon. We choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard, because that goal will serve to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills, because that challenge is one that we […]

Startups and All That

In a prior blog existence I ran a long set of articles on startups, garnered from my experience in a few and dealing with friends who were in them as well. I still track the startup scene. I think it’s a fascinating thing to do and I’d love to do another. There’s something exciting about […]

Things that drive me nuts about people

People tend to drive me nuts. Maybe I’m just a bit too anal, impatient, difficult or particular, but the thought processes of some people is utterly baffling. I’ll put forward one thing that still drives me nuts: mattresses. I’ll get to a few others later in the post. I have had to, over my lifetime, […]

Happy Belated Birthday Nikola Tesla

Google had a wonderful homage via their front page graphic the other day (July 10th) for Tesla’s birthday. What I’ll put forward is my favourite quote of his: Anything before 10am is an ungodly hour. Which is now backed up by research!


Just read Chris Anderson’s Free online via his online blog. You can get it in a variety of formats if you read through recent entries there, including an audio format. Note that the book is available for free but not if you’re outside the US. The audio book is free regardless, it seems. It’s an […]


I’ve long been complaining — some would say bitching — about how verbose it is to code in many languages today. In many cases I am sorry witness to people programming in C/C++ or Java and writing thousands upon thousands of lines of code only to end up with a piece of code that coudl […]

Ph.D.s, Focus, and the Loss of the Infinite

I’ve been trying for a long while to put into words why I became disenchanted with the Ph.D. process, and why that was one reason — though not the overriding reason — why I terminated my pursuit of a doctorate. But today, sitting back and reading a bit of Thomas Aquinas I came to a […]

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