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Things Kids Don’t Get These Days

I always find it interesting when one of my kids asks me about the lyrics to one of the songs I listen to. Two of late came up. Do You Remember Rock ‘n’ Roll Radio by the Ramones and Panama by Van Halen.

The lyric “Do you remember lyin’ in bed / with the covers pulled up over your head / radio playin’ so no one could see” had them asking what that was about and I had to recount doing just that, with my little transistor radio. With the radio on low or with the earpiece in, hoping the covers would sufficiently muffle the sounds of the radio. That song always brings back a lot of memories from my youth. I guess today they’d have to sing about listening to your iPod. Not the same, though.

Which also makes me think about how we’d talk about the latest songs that were released that week. The various FM channels would play new releases, sometimes the entire album, and we’d sit there before and after class — sometimes during 😉 — and discuss the latest offerings from The Who, The Ramones, The Kinks, The Stones, etc. and how much we despised disco.

And then there’s Panama. A song about a car. And the line that got my kids was: “I reach down / between my legs / and ease the seat back”. They didn’t quite get it. I said the pause was typical of David Lee Roth, ensuring we get a double entendre. I did explain that most cars in the 80s and before didn’t have power seats but instead you reached down and tugged or pushed or slid a lever to make the seat go back and forth. Most kids these days don’t quite get it until they experience  it. Ironically, most think it way more efficient than waiting for a seat to slowly and electrically move back and forth. Funny, that.

I’m sure if I thought of it a bit longer I’d recall other lyrics. But then even things like “dial” get them. Times have changed.

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