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Maximum Bob Lutz’s 8 Laws of Business

You just gotta love Bob Lutz. The man just says it the way he sees it, something all too missing in today’s world where everyone is concerned with everyone else’s feelings to the point many are treading on egg shells all hoping not to say something that will “offend” someone else. Personally, I think people […]

Darth Vader, Venture Capitalist

Call it a bit of crazy folly or perhaps just a case of having dealt with investors for too long but I’ve always found that Darth Vader sounds a lot like a Venture Capitalist. I’ll leave these quotes with you to decide if I’m right or wrong or simply delusional. Enjoy. I find your lack […]

On Design

I’m quickly reading through Brooks’ latest tome, The Design of Design. As usual, Brooks is straight up and to the point explaining his views on design and why it’s a solo or, at most, a 2-person task. This makes sense to me, but I tend to be biased. The implementation is a team effort, but […]

More on the iPad

I just finished reading Why the iPad isn’t for me over at MacWorld. And I have to say he’s not the only person from whom I’ve heard that type of refrain. I do find it funny, though, that so many people figure that the iPad should be a general purpose computer. As I’ve stated previously, […]

The iPad

I’ve been reading the various reviews and opinions on the iPad and it’s been rather enjoyable. Seems to be of two camps. I’m squarely in the one that figures this is, indeed, the next big thing. It is effectively a computing appliance that allows someone to do with the iPad what most of us wish […]

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