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The iPad

I’ve been reading the various reviews and opinions on the iPad and it’s been rather enjoyable. Seems to be of two camps. I’m squarely in the one that figures this is, indeed, the next big thing. It is effectively a computing appliance that allows someone to do with the iPad what most of us wish to do — namely, read documents, check email, do minor updates to things, etc. For heavier lifting those of us that need it can get a general-purpose computer as well. I know, personally, the iPad is what I will definitely want in the future. Being effectively in management means I spend most of my day in email, Word or Excel. If not that, then reading contracts, proposals, documentation, etc. Thus, with the iPad, I can do what I need whenever I need to while also having specific pieces of information at my fingertips.

I also figure, really soon now, Apple will release a modified MacBook Air (the MacPad, MacTablet?) that will be a MacBook Air when the screen is oriented normally, but when it’s twisted around and laid flat across the keyboard so the screen is upwards it becomes an iPad. It’s not as if a Mac can’t run OS X and the iPhone OS — it already does for developers. Thus, people would get a general purpose computer as well as an iPad whenever they need it. I can see this as the direction Apple takes for all their MacBooks. Provides a perfect solution to those needing horsepower but also just wanting something with which to easily read email, check the calendar, listen to music, etc.

Time will tell.

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