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The Venture Cafe

I’m catching up on posting on a slew of excellent books I’ve read recently. One such book is The Venture Cafe by Teresa Esser. It documents the road taken by a series of high-tech entrepreneurs in the Boston area. The book was an easy read and, after having started and run a VC funded start-up I can attest to the veracity of the stories. While reading the book I was reminded time and again about how Texar began and how it was and how it ended. Documenting the arduous task from idea through funding effort and finally to product realization was akin to reliving those 4 years of my life at Texar. Ms. Esser’s account of the various start-ups and founders final days was enlightening as well as oddly comforting and liberating.

You can see entrepreneurs making the right decisions and still losing. You feel the pain of the various entrepreneurs who were forced out of their companies or saw their life work collapse around them. Even some of those that were financially rewarded suffered as they were wrenched from their companies only to watch as the companies became something other than what they had intended. I found it comforting to realize that the emotional roller coaster for start-ups was pretty much universal.

This is one of those books that I wish were written back in 1997.

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