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Do It Again

The question every entrepreneur gets is: “Would you do it again?” Although many waffle on the answer they do usually agree that they would do it again, but that they would definitely change a number of things. Founding Texar, hunting down and securing venture financing, hiring dozens of people, and unexpectedly riding the dot com wave for three years resulted in an understanding of the psyche of investors, employees, executives, and, most importantly, customers. Even though the notion that the customer is always right is generally wrong that doesn’t mean the vendor has a clue, either.

What I’m going to try to do in the coming months (years?) is create a bit of an inverted diary, one that effectively goes back through time and, with hindsight, examines what happened at my startup from its inception, to the original ideas, through the trials and tribulations of financing, and the roller coaster that is any startup.

Some may consider my tale as being told through rose coloured glasses, or perhaps from a jaded perspective. But I’ll just leave those considerations to the reader. I will simply state what I now feel, now that years have passed. The only advantage I have is that I have notes I penned during that time which I will use to recreate what it was like to do a startup. However it wont’ be a true chronological telling but structured a bit so as to simplify the telling thereby, hopefully, making the tale that much easier and more informative.

And why am I doing this? I hope that describing the¬†journey in one entrepreneur’s life will enlighten those yearning to attempt entrepreneurship by providing lessons learned, what was done right, what should never be attempted again, and how any “next deal” will be structured if I ever do it again.

I will start this journey with the following: Doing a start-up is a joy ride; the question is whether it is a joy ride to heaven or hell. I’ll let the reader decide.

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