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Blackpad … Playbook

I saw the demo of the new Playbook by RIM powered by QNX. It looks impressive. Which, to be honest, is exactly what I’d expect from the crew from QNX. They are truly an impressive bunch of techies who comprehend their market and whose software is superb. I’ve had the pleasure of working with QNX in the past and it was a most pleasurable experience.

I’ll definitely be checking out the Playbook when it comes out, which will be a surprise to many of my friends who know I have no use for Blackberries. But this is different. If it’s priced right it might become a great competitor to the iPad, which is a great media consumption device. As to the complaints from some that the Playbook doesn’t as yet have any business software I’d just point at the iPad and its lack of business software. It hasn’t hurt the iPad’s sales any. Besides, with a bit of thought anyone should quickly realize the niches at the moment not filled will be filled by QNX-aware developers. What they’ve been handed is virgin territory and that must be really exciting for a lot of developers.

I’m also happy for QNX in general. It was obvious that RIM bought them to get at the OS and now the OS is front and centre in an all important market. My take is that the QNX OS will soon be in all of RIM’s devices, which is the sensible thing to do.

I’m sure Dan Dodge is happy that QNX will finally get the visibility it requires outside the techie community. It’s long overdue. And for those in the Ottawa tech community Dan Dodge is more than a bit of a cult figure. He founded and continues to run a very successful high tech firm. And, he continues to code to this day nearly 30 years after he and Gordon Bell co-founded the firm. The loyalty he commands isĀ  impressive, especially with technical staff but understandable considering how technical he is. My interactions with QNX, including Dan Dodge, were superb and still one of my fondest memories as a consultant.

Dan Dodge and his crew deserve kudos for showing that a small, focused high tech company can do wonders. Here’s to a long, successful and happy existence.

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