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Irkonomics is something I remember reading about years ago. And now that we have a new municipal government I’m hoping that some of the stuff that irks me will get addressed. For example, the way the traffic lights are never synchronized correctly so that traffic flows herky-jerky, or not at all; the way in which […]

What is it with some drivers?

Maybe it’s just me getting older, but I’ve been finding that drivers are getting worse and worse. A few simple examples will easily suffice. Today, driving around town, I was trying to get into the right hand lane. The asshole beside me would repeatedly slow down and speed up, thereby ensuring I couldn’t move over. […]

The Real Work Begins

During the Winter of 1998-99 I had spent time discussing the possibility of having certain people join me at Texar. I had my sights on a number of people who I had known from prior interactions and with whom I’d hoped to reconnect. One of my primary targets was Tony, who I had met at […]

RIP: Benoit Mandelbrot

I recall reading about him in High School and then studying his work more in university and thereafter. He passed away today; his legacy will live on. Rest in Peace.

How About noOS?

We have NoSQL but maybe it’s time for noOS. I’ve talked about this with colleagues for a while. Many are old enough to realize why we have operating systems, but some of the younger crowd don’t. The reason for an operating system is to equitably share the resources of a computer. This made sense when […]


I’ve been looking at the Kindle. I installed the Kindle app on my iPad and must say I’m impressed. But maybe not in the way a lot of people see it. Instead of something that allows me to lug lots of books around instead I see it as the means to an end. At the […]


For the most part computers just aren’t that much fun anymore. I’ve come to this stark conclusion of late and realize that part of my general malaise regarding the industry is that my passion for and love affair with computers is over, or at least in the latter waning stages. When I first got into […]

First Mover? Fast Follower?

Just a quick note to point out Steve Blank’s latest, Why Pioneers Have Arrows in Their Backs. Awesome. Read it if you’re thinking of starting a company. Especially if you think it’s revolutionary.

Black and White or Shades of Grey

This article is interesting in an ironic way. Why? Mostly because the black-or-white thinker is how I think. Make a decision, go with it. Hemming and hawing is stupid and just delays the inevitable. Pick a way, go that way. If it’s wrong. Admit it, turn around. Duh. Stupid people drive me nuts. And this […]

Beauty, Stupidity, Decisions & Consequences

As I continue to wade through saved bookmarks and articles on my computer I came across this article that discusses the discovery that men lose their minds speaking to pretty women. And it brings to mind a set of events more than two decades old that forever changed my life. I’ve always been a tad […]

Comments are off … again

Turned them on in a little experiment. Spam rolled in. I have better things to do with my time than examine the comments to keep the spam out so comments are off, again. I doubt I’ll ever turn them on again. No point. Unless I get famous and can hire folks to deal with it. […]

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