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What is it with some drivers?

Maybe it’s just me getting older, but I’ve been finding that drivers are getting worse and worse. A few simple examples will easily suffice.

Today, driving around town, I was trying to get into the right hand lane. The asshole beside me would repeatedly slow down and speed up, thereby ensuring I couldn’t move over. I finally got past him but it was a frustration I don’t need. Then, driving home I was blinded at a stop light by some idiot with their high beams on. I flashed them to see if they’d take the hint. Nothing. Too oblivious to notice.

This goes along with what happened the other day. While I was driving I noticed the car ahead of me had a flat tire. At the next light I pulled up beside the driver and honked to get his attention. He looked around in all directions but mine. I could tell he was trying NOT to make eye contact with me. Maybe he thought I was pissed off with something he’d done — he was driving fine except for the flat — when all I wanted to do was tell him his car had a flat. Argh.

And then there was the idiot this morning who figured he should blast down the Queensway in the left hand lane and then, at the last minute, fly across 4 lanes to get to his exit. Excellent planning on his part, obviously. Although he didn’t impede my driving, he did a lot of other folks’.

Then there are always the clowns who sit in the passing lane and drive slowly. Or, if they are driving “fast” they’re going something like 105.

I’ll also bring up the sea of morons who can’t read traffic signs. Like the white ones with the numbers on them with “Maximum” written on them. It seems many folks in this town figure that Maximum isn’t something to be attempted and instead drive 20 km/h below the limit. Were it tourists I’d forgive them, but I see the same cars doing this regularly. It seems these folks have no idea what the speed limits are for various streets. Thus, I’m regularly stuck behind these morons as they go 20km/h below the limit. I’m sure they’re wondering why everyone is blasting past them at the insane “Maximum”! Ugh.

And what is it about hills and curves on highways that makes people come nearly to full stops? I’m rather sick of driving on a highway and then having traffic come to a crawl as some idiots slow down as if the top of the hill demarcates the end of the world. My attitude is, if it is the end of the world then just drive off because we’re all doomed anyway!

Honestly, I sometimes wonder how some of these people even got their licenses.

And if memory serves, tomorrow is the start of Canada’s Worst Driver. I watch that religiously so I can realize the idiots I occasionally get stuck behind are not as bad as I may think. It calms me down to know bigger idiots are out there. But only just.

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