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Some of my Favourite Quotes

I’ve been collecting quotes for years. Some are pithy, some deep, some make you laugh but the ones I’ve kept have always made an impression on me. Here are some of my favourites. Plans are nothing. Planning is everything. Eisenhower Computers make it easier to do a lot of things, but most of the things […]

High beams, dim bulbs

What is it with some people who drive around in the city with their high beams on? Even when you try to tell them politely that they have their high beams they look at you like you’re either daft or trying to kill them. Well, maybe at least one dim bulb out there will read […]

Entrepreneurship: Due Diligence

Continuing on with my occasional writings on entrepreneurship, let’s move on to due diligence. As mentioned in an earlier blog entry, I’m opting for entries regarding my forays into entrepreneurship by focusing on subject matter as opposed to chronological order. Perhaps at a later date and if it makes sense I’ll place these into a […]

Info Glut

I’ve been cleaning out the house slowly. Sort of like an extended Spring Cleaning. And as part of this chore I’ve decided to clean up my office and my computers as well. I’ve been storing all kinds of shit thinking it might one day be useful, that I may make some sort of artwork from […]

Things I Miss

I’m coding seriously again for the first time in years. And I can’t believe how much I missed it. There’s a certain joy in writing a program seeing it work, and solving a problem. When it’s an entirely new programming language it’s even cooler. But as I start programming again I realized I truly miss […]

Lest We Forget

My deepest thanks go out to our veterans who did so much so that we could enjoy our freedoms and liberties. Long may their sacrifices be remembered.

Factorial … Fibonacci … ugh

Some may have noticed I coded factorial and called it Fibonacci. That’s courtesy of being sick when I wrote that article. I guess being sick and lucid don’t tend to go together. I’m doing better today and I immediately noticed the mistake. Duh. That’ll teach me for coding while sick…

Lots of Irritatingly Silly Parentheses

That’s what many people I know think of when they hear my favourite languages are all Lisp derivatives such as Scheme or Clojure. They usually follow that up with a statement indicating that there are just too many brackets in Lisp. For a while I’ve wondered about this and after a little bit of study […]

Rules to Live By

If you are or want to be an entrepreneur, go read The 11 Harsh Realities of Being an Entrepreneur. Definitely worth your time!

Tom Peters on Innovation

Tom Peters gives a mini-rant on what truly drives innovation. I would definitely agree. But, to be successful, being angry about something that’s stupid is only half the battle. The other half is finding those people who similarly believe a given system is stupid and are capable of assisting in change. Otherwise, you can be […]

Creationists drive me nuts

As I sit here in excruciating pain courtesy of yet another kidney stone I can’t help but think how genetics and evolution provided me with this “joyful” condition. Which makes me think of idiotic creationists who think God went about the planet a few thousand years ago going “Horse. Pig. Donkey. …” Insanity. Why creationists […]

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