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The insanity of “shareholder value”

I’ve been saying this for years. Many times those with “MBAs” have told me I’m wrong. Yet, deep down, I knew something was remiss. Something was just absolutely, 100% wrong. Why? Because it made no sense to have a company focus on guessing what their balance sheet was going to look like a year from […]

Stupid found between chair and keyboard

It seems there’s a lot of “stupid” going about nowadays. No idea if it’s the internet that’s just giving people more voice or if stupid is just becoming more common. Like many people I get a lot of my news online. Thus, I get to read it at my computer and, if something is interesting, […]

I Wonder…

If the cost associated with complaining is eliminated does that mean that negative reviews become worthless?

Red Fife and Loaves

My wife has had a persistent skin condition that no amount of attention by dermatologists seems to have helped. After reading Wheat Belly I wondered if the problem wasn’t modern wheat. In way of experimentation, and because our family loves bread so much, I decided to try to create a loaf with a heritage variety […]

Stupidity Truly Knows No Bounds

I’ve been reading about the Chevrolet Volt fire risk the last few days. It seems to me to be the perfect arbiter of intelligence. If you figure the Volt’s risk is high and you’re utterly panicked by the potential of the battery catching fire, you’re an utter moron. The rest of you can continue on […]

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