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Stupid found between chair and keyboard

It seems there’s a lot of “stupid” going about nowadays. No idea if it’s the internet that’s just giving people more voice or if stupid is just becoming more common.

Like many people I get a lot of my news online. Thus, I get to read it at my computer and, if something is interesting, save it. I read from various sources, conservative, liberal and neutral alike. It’s best to stay as best informed as possible so as to minimize the likelihood of exacerbating any given bias. But it seems some people are just incapable of doing that. They cling to sites that expound their personal biases. Some of the beliefs are mistaken but harmless, but others are harmful. And the problem is that people with a similar attitude then read the associated articles, sometimes purported to be “news”, thus reinforcing their prejudices or non-scientific beliefs. And because of some of these misguided beliefs people have died — such as those unwilling to take common vaccines, for example.

Again, I don’t know the cause — poor education, the long-standing glorification of the idiot, the hate for anyone intelligent, … who knows. But what I do see is that these idiots congregate and then use their congress to espouse stupid things. Because they tend to vote in blocks, stupid things get enacted by governments. This is all not good. And yet, the irony is the very systems these people are using to congregate and push their various stupid ideas was created by the very type of people they loathe. For if it were up to those that seem to hate anything advanced or intelligent we’d still be swinging from trees.

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