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RIM No More?

Although I’ve never wanted a RIM device I’ve appreciated what they offered way back when, mainly the 90s when it was a very handy device for sales people or those on the road. An easy way to stay connected. But I could never own one because the device made little sense to me as a […]

Are Publishers Insane?

I love reading books. My house is littered with thousands of them. And to me the Kindle is a godsend in that I can have, in my hand, thousands of books and read whatever I feel like whenever and wherever I want. I can travel with the Kindle and ensure that if I’m not in […]

Why I Have Serious Problems With Some Atheists
Why I Have Serious Problems With Some Atheists

This is not a rant against some of my atheist friends who are thoughtful and willing to think deeply beyond the limitations of science. This is directed at certain “new atheists” who, to me, espouse infantile arguments and show utter contempt and intolerance to any views but their own. I have simply grown weary of […]

Boulangerie II
Boulangerie II

  This has been a long time coming. I had hoped to get this up a few short days after taking the course at Le Cordon Bleu but work and life got in the way and before I knew it months had passed. They say better late than never. The course was offered the week […]

Stinky the Chinchilla
Stinky the Chinchilla

A few years ago our kids, wanting a pet but being allergic to cats and dogs, so wanted a pet they begged us to buy them a chinchilla. So, being the big sucks we are we caved and bought them one. Now, I’d have preferred not have a chinchilla at all, or any pet for […]

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