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Legacies and Folklore

Last night a good friend of mine died of a massive heart attack. He was 56. He was found with the phone in his hand, obviously trying to call 911. His wife found him that way when she got home from work. It makes you wonder what your life is really about, what you’ve done, […]

Entrepreneurship: Unwavering Focus

One of the things that our VCs went on an on about was focus. Focus on the bottom line, focus on spending, focus on employee morale, focus on the competition, but mostly focus on the vision and attaining that vision. Focus, focus, focus. It’s easier to say than it is to do. There are just […]

The First Year from Hell

Continuing on with the saga that was my life as an entrepreneur, we come to the end of 1999 and the dreaded Year 2000 (Y2K). Suddenly it was nearing Christmas in 1999 and Y2K hype was everywhere. According to analysts and experts the world was about to end. I had my doubts, but it was […]

The Move and the Big Start

Returning to my recollections on Texar, we come to the latest installment on the aspects of being an entrepreneur at Texar. An investment from VCs in the bank and visions of grandeur. That’s where we were in the Spring of 1999. We needed office space and found 3500 sq. ft. of it in the west […]

Top Computer Scientists, Ever

I was going through papers as I try to clean up 30+ years of computer science clutter and came upon this list I made back in 2004. It’s a list of the 22 most influential people in computer science, in my opinion. James Anderson [all things security, reference monitor, Multics] John Backus [FORTRAN, Algol, loads […]

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