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Chipotle Sauce

I make this sauce all the time. And I get asked for the recipe quite a bit. It’s a variation on one I saw at America’s Test Kitchen. I prefer this one. You can use it as a marinade or as a sauce. I’ve used it when making an omelet. Simply put some on the […]

More Orchids
More Orchids

Just a few more pictures of orchids from a prior trip to Hawaii. If you love orchids you’ll love Hawaii — and the weather is near perfect. But don’t ask me which ones these are. I enjoy them, but have no idea what their names are.  


My wife loves orchids. They are easily her favourite flower. And I can’t disagree, they are simply stunning. So many varieties and once in bloom stay in bloom for months. Hawaii is just covered in orchids and going to the botanical gardens on whatever island you happen to be on yields endless numbers and variety. […]

Updated Theme

After years of using the same old theme I decided to update it. I wanted something simple and clean. And I wanted something that would look sort of like a magazine, with columns with a picture at the top if I happen to insert a picture in my post. After a bit of digging around […]

Experimenting with Lahey’s No Knead Recipe
Experimenting with Lahey's No Knead Recipe

  I love baking. It’s wonderful to be able to bake something and then have others enjoy it. But sometimes it’s just a pain to do the usual breads I learned at Le Cordon Bleu and so I sometimes use Jim Lahey’s No Knead recipe to create a loaf with little fuss. Just mix the […]


Those that know me well know that I love Hawaii. There’s just something amazingly serene about the place. Whenever I’ve gone there I’ve felt utterly at home, from the moment I get off the plane until the last day I’m there. Most places I go I don’t get that feeling. I don’t feel at home, […]

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