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Automated Takedown of NASA’s Curiosity Landing

This is just gobsmackingly retarded. You’ve got YouTube automatically taking down videos via some algorithm. Why this should be even remotely considered a good idea is beyond me. There is no way an algorithm can discern strictly based on a pattern whether or not something truly infringes on another work. And to then put the onus on the originator of the video to deal with the DMCA takedown notice is strikingly grotesque. You’re effectively saying the person who posted a given video is guilty until proven innocent. Last time I checked that was not how the judicial system is supposed to work, kangaroo courts and “human rights” tribunals aside.

Improper takedowns should be punished. If someone takes someone’s valid video down they should be forced to pay a fine. If they are enamoured with automated takedowns then they should also be enamoured with automated fines when those things go wrong harming innocent individuals.

In the case of the Curiosity landing a takedown occurred that rendered, for a while, the video by NASA and from NASA unavailable because the software figured the video belonged to some news agency.

Of course the computer scientist in me wonders why can’t the stupid programmers have designed in exclusions for channels such as, oh, I don’t know, NASA!

Morons. And people wonder why I believe so many programmers are little better than trained chimps.

For the rest of us who aren’t handicapped by utter stupidity, go enjoy NASA’s amazing achievement, the landing of Curiosity on Mars next to a mountain!

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