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On Fallacies of Faith

I’ve been reading a lot of theology lately. I go in odd spurts. For a while it was all anthropology. Then it was all about writing mystery novels. Then off to Classical history. And lately, theology.

And far be it from me to claim even mild expertise, but one thing that’s struck me is that there are definite camps. There are those who take a purely philosophical/theological stand and those I find most interesting. Then there are those who are trying to “prove” the existence of God or that God created the universe. I find these dissatisfying most times. And finally, there are the various agnostics, atheists, etc. who tend to go from banal to boring to, well, downright silly in terms of their arguments.

But what has struck me most is the constant harping about trying to find evidence of “God’s hand” in the universe — be it from the faithful or faithless. And I find this completely baffling. Why would one try to find “God’s hand” in the universe? If He created the universe ex nihilo, as is the claim of the Catholic Church for example, then why would there be any evidence of such a creation. By being outside of time and space and creating the universe that is composed of time and space why would he leave signs as to the fact it was created? What benefit would proof provide to God? As God he doesn’t require evidence that he created it, he knows that he did. It’s akin to the argument about prayer. Why would God allow you to test him if he’s God? Proclaiming you’ll do some sort of “test” to “test” God’s existence is arrogant in the extreme. If God is omnipresent and omniscient, he would simply have to ignore your childish antics trying to prove or disprove his existence. Attempting to make God show himself is hubris beyond belief. Were someone to ask for proof from me of my existence I’d ignore them, so why would God simply ignore the naive and patently stupid attempts to “prove” his? Like me I’m sure he’d simply go on with whatever it is he’s going on about. Trying to “force his hand” is utterly idiotic and, to me, the sign of someone without a firm grasp of reality.

Similarly with “fine tuning”. Why would God leave any type of evidence of “fine tuning”. Why would he have to prove he created the universe. It’s a faith proposition. No amount of “evidence” will prove to someone who doesn’t believe and those that do, well, the evidence is rather redundant.

There are some rather intriguing questions, however, such as: “Why is the universe comprehensible?” or “Why does math so well describe the universe?” or sundry other type questions. But they’re more to do with why is the universe logical as opposed to looking for “mistakes” or “constants” that God left behind for us to find. I somehow doubt that the universe is a huge “hide-go-seek” game God is playing with us.

I simply don’t get the harping some atheists go on about in terms of proclaiming that God is evil or malicious, malevolent, or whatever. They do this based on their own premise of how the universe should function, how they’d run if they were God. And yet, if one contemplates their view of the universe it would be totally arbitrary. It would truly exist at the whim of God. He would simply opt to save people, make weather patterns dissipate for no apparent reason, and have the lion lie down with the lamb. It makes utterly no sense. These atheists want a God that completely and constantly tinkers with the universe, with creation, with your life. Instead, I’d much rather have a God that instilled Free Will, allowing us to make our own decisions and in a universe that exists because of well defined laws that the beings created within said universe can comprehend. This type of reflective logic is highly beautiful. Being able to have the universe create beings that can comprehend the very fabric, behind and makeup of the universe. To have these beings look upon the heavens and wonder “How” and then go and figure it out. There’s a beauty in that that transcends words.

I do find it utterly ludicrous that the very atheists that are most belligerent are the ones that are most in love with Evolution. And yet, if the God they seem to wish for existed Evolution would make no sense. The universe would be utterly arbitrary. It would not follow laws or reason or logic. How would evolution even function if there was no drive to make one species survive to the detriment of another? To make one prey and the other predator?

Perhaps that is why I believe in God. Looking upon the Universe just makes me believe. So elegant. So well presented and reflective that it truly appears as something a loving God would make, a place where beings could arise and discover the beauty of creation, to contemplate it’s meaning and, with a little imagination, comprehend that the point of existence is to love one another. That love transcends all and is the very reason for being. To do otherwise is to fail in living up to one’s potential. Perhaps that’s why Love is the hardest thing to express beyond a small circle of friends and family and why we look upon those who can express love, to actually exhibit Love and devote their lives to the benefit of others, with utter awe. It’s so easy to be selfish, to think barely beyond one’s borders. But to transcend that is to transcend the basest being of humanity and exult in something higher. Love.



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