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It’s funny how some folks just love being assholes. Case in point, this guy. As can be seen, he (or she) went to a lot of trouble to make up cards to be an utter ass.

Now, this same ass would probably bitch and moan to high heaven if he needed one of those nasty 99% to come, oh, I don’t know, save his life if he had a heart attack, rescue his sorry ass during a storm, protect his property from thieves and thugs, ensure the roads remain maintained, ensure water comes to his home clean, clean his disgustingly indecent body if he should ever require long term care, and protects his right to be an asshole. I’m sure the fine folks in the military and the countless first responders must just welcome how lovely a person he is and how becoming his attitude is towards his fellow man.

The notion that some folks have that they don’t have to pay taxes at anything resembling a fair amount is utterly unbelievable. The only reason any of these rich assholes made their money was because they reside in a nation governed by laws that is protected by the majority. In most of the world your wealth could easily be confiscated, your freedom forfeit, your life dependent on the vagaries of sundry things. Instead of being thankful that his ass lives in a country that protects not only his life, liberty and pursuit of happiness but also his wealth from unlawful seizure, etc. he (or she) lashes out at the weakest members of society, those that ensure he can enjoy a life of luxury not having to cook for himself or clean after his sorry assed self. The attitude of entitlement evidenced by this bit of asshatery is beyond belief.

It’s galling to know that assholes like this exist. That they have money but no common decency or courtesy. That they only believe in their own self interest to the detriment of all those around them.

Even if, ultimately, this is shown to be a hoax, we all know too well that there are a lot of assholes out there who would do this if they figured they could get away with it.

The only saving grace in all this is that of the rich I know none are such asses. They are all decent and understand that their wealth is not some God given right and that everyone not so rich is obviously inferior who deserves condescension and derision. And I somehow doubt the ass who left that note is even remotely as rich as Warren Buffett, who exudes a modesty most becoming any gentleman. And Warren believes the rich are massively undertaxed, and he fully understands and appreciates why he got so wealthy.

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