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Stupidity Truly Knows No Bounds

I’ve been reading about the Chevrolet Volt fire risk the last few days. It seems to me to be the perfect arbiter of intelligence. If you figure the Volt’s risk is high and you’re utterly panicked by the potential of the battery catching fire, you’re an utter moron. The rest of you can continue on […]

High beams, dim bulbs

What is it with some people who drive around in the city with their high beams on? Even when you try to tell them politely that they have their high beams they look at you like you’re either daft or trying to kill them. Well, maybe at least one dim bulb out there will read […]

What is it with some drivers?

Maybe it’s just me getting older, but I’ve been finding that drivers are getting worse and worse. A few simple examples will easily suffice. Today, driving around town, I was trying to get into the right hand lane. The asshole beside me would repeatedly slow down and speed up, thereby ensuring I couldn’t move over. […]

Maximum Bob Lutz’s 8 Laws of Business

You just gotta love Bob Lutz. The man just says it the way he sees it, something all too missing in today’s world where everyone is concerned with everyone else’s feelings to the point many are treading on egg shells all hoping not to say something that will “offend” someone else. Personally, I think people […]

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