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Asylum Seekers
Asylum Seekers

One book I constantly reference is Alan Cooper’s The Inmates Are Running the Asylum. It is an excellent book explaining the difference between what a techie sees are how software should function versus what a normal person sees and wishes software would do. It all boils down to the difference of putting the onus on […]

Bemoaning the State of Information Security

I’ve been in the field of computer security for nearly 25 years and the same old stuff still bugs me. The constant desire to foist security requirements on the end-user is unbelievable, and unwarranted. Security is, at best, an esoteric field and one that most end-users are not sufficiently well versed in to be able […]

Why’d It Take So Long???

First off I should let anyone who cares know that I’m a UNIX guy from way back. I started using System III and subsequently System V from AT&T in 1983. I used BSD on Vaxen in the 80s as well, where I found Rogue and spent way too much free time battling characters (literally ;-)) […]

The Beginning: Becoming an Entrepreneur
The Beginning: Becoming an Entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur all starts with a single desire: to change the world. You think you can change it by coming up with a cool piece of technology, something no one else has. Something that will fundamentally change and challenge the way the world functions within a particular arena. My arena of expertise is computer […]

Good Enough to be Great
Good Enough to be Great

I’ve just revisited Good to Great by Jim Collins again thinking about how it ties back to startups. Although the reviews are all over the map I do wonder how many reviewers have tried to start a company or work at a mediocre firm with people that just don’t care? After reading the book I […]

According to some … the universe is 20 years old

Just a bit of a rant today. I’m getting more than a bit tired of hearing from reasonably intelligent people that they can’t find a given piece of research because they tend to have this odd belief that the entire universe is but 20 years old. Twenty years old? What, are you nuts? I’m sure […]

The Venture Cafe
The Venture Cafe

I’m catching up on posting on a slew of excellent books I’ve read recently. One such book is The Venture Cafe by Teresa Esser. It documents the road taken by a series of high-tech entrepreneurs in the Boston area. The book was an easy read and, after having started and run a VC funded start-up […]

Revisiting Code of Yore

I’ve started a new job. I’m now working with some of smartest people I’ve ever worked with, an impressive lot. One of them I owe a lot. He was a former prof. And he still makes my head spin with how easily he handles technology and how it can be applied to the real world. […]

15 Stupid Google Interview Questions

Well, the title from Business Insider is actually “15 Google Interview Questions That Will Make You Feel Stupid” but I like my title better. And to show you they’re stupid questions, here are my answers to these interview questions. 1. How many golf balls can fit in a school bus? Why would you care. You’d […]

On Design

I’m quickly reading through Brooks’ latest tome, The Design of Design. As usual, Brooks is straight up and to the point explaining his views on design and why it’s a solo or, at most, a 2-person task. This makes sense to me, but I tend to be biased. The implementation is a team effort, but […]

More on the iPad

I just finished reading Why the iPad isn’t for me over at MacWorld. And I have to say he’s not the only person from whom I’ve heard that type of refrain. I do find it funny, though, that so many people figure that the iPad should be a general purpose computer. As I’ve stated previously, […]

The iPad

I’ve been reading the various reviews and opinions on the iPad and it’s been rather enjoyable. Seems to be of two camps. I’m squarely in the one that figures this is, indeed, the next big thing. It is effectively a computing appliance that allows someone to do with the iPad what most of us wish […]

The iPad

First off, hate the name. iSlate would have been better, especially as this is truly a clean slate for many applications and how people will interact with a computer. Now, I’ve been reading all kinds of rants from folks on the web about the iPad. I think they’re all full of it. The iPad represents […]


How I wish the media firms would come to their senses and realize that the consumer isn’t their enemy and that what the consumer wants is convenience. I really would love to rid my house of DVDs, CDs, magazines, etc. and have most of that stuff digital. Books, at least for me, are the sole […]

Of Mice and Keyboards

Going on more than 30 years of dealing with keyboards I’ve gotten fairly picky. Same holds for mice. Keyboards, that major interaction device with the computer, is something a lot of people are very passionate about. I know I tend to get more than a little agitated whenever I have to go buy a new […]

Coders at Work

I recently finished reading Coders at Work by Peter Seibel. You can pick up a copy at your local bookstore or on online at places like Chapters or Amazon. You can read Peter’s blog here, also well worth visiting. I found it a great read, though there are a number of typos, format errors, and […]

Less Posts … All Around

I read a very limited number of mostly nerdy/technical blogs. I’ve been more than a bit surprised that over the past 8 – 12 months many have slowed down appreciably in posting and some haven’t had updates since the spring. And it’s not that these blogs were erratic before, they were regularly updated. Now, even […]

Why We May Never Have IT Security

I’ve been asked repeatedly why security is so bad. For years I’ve just ignored the question, figuring it was pretty obvious to anyone who spent more than a few seconds observing IT. However, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s not obvious. Most people don’t get why IT security is hard and getting harder and […]


I’ve long been complaining — some would say bitching — about how verbose it is to code in many languages today. In many cases I am sorry witness to people programming in C/C++ or Java and writing thousands upon thousands of lines of code only to end up with a piece of code that coudl […]

Why I Hate Programming

I had a chat with an old friend last night about a bevy of CS things and we came to why I haven’t programmed much the past decade or so. It’s not that I can’t. I had to for one of my Ph.D. courses. It’s just that I find it too low bandwidth. It’s a […]

No More Programmatic Verbosity

I’ve been disillusioned with programming languages for a long while. I started coding in the 70s and more than 30 years later here I am in a funk about programming languages, but I do see rays of light. First, let me tell you about the languages I like: C Pascal Algol Lisp Prolog Scheme Python […]

Why no mid-size Mac Pro?

There are a lot of mysteries in this universe, not least of which is the way Apple builds their computers. They have computers like the Mac Pro which is wonderfully assembled and easily expandable. Then you have the iMac which is a sealed unit and a bitch to upgrade, other than memory. It seems some […]


There’s a great article on Rogue over at Gamasutra. It brings back a lot of memories, especially ones of sitting in the computer lab playing Rogue on the Engineering Vax. It so inspired me and a couple of friends that a few years later, around 1985, we coded up a version of Rogue for the […]

10 Years Too Early

Over at Musings of a VC in NYC there’s a new article titled “Only Ten Years Too Early“. Man that brings back some memories for me. 10 years ago I began my startup. It’s no more, but the technology we worked on is finally becoming accepted. In fact, the amount of interest mounts constantly. 10 […]

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