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15 Stupid Google Interview Questions

Well, the title from Business Insider is actually “15 Google Interview Questions That Will Make You Feel Stupid” but I like my title better. And to show you they’re stupid questions, here are my answers to these interview questions. 1. How many golf balls can fit in a school bus? Why would you care. You’d […]

Darth Vader, Venture Capitalist

Call it a bit of crazy folly or perhaps just a case of having dealt with investors for too long but I’ve always found that Darth Vader sounds a lot like a Venture Capitalist. I’ll leave these quotes with you to decide if I’m right or wrong or simply delusional. Enjoy. I find your lack […]

On Design

I’m quickly reading through Brooks’ latest tome, The Design of Design. As usual, Brooks is straight up and to the point explaining his views on design and why it’s a solo or, at most, a 2-person task. This makes sense to me, but I tend to be biased. The implementation is a team effort, but […]

Less Posts … All Around

I read a very limited number of mostly nerdy/technical blogs. I’ve been more than a bit surprised that over the past 8 – 12 months many have slowed down appreciably in posting and some haven’t had updates since the spring. And it’s not that these blogs were erratic before, they were regularly updated. Now, even […]

The Management Myth

I’m reading Matthew Stewart’s The Management Myth. It’s an excellent book and I recommend it highly. Although I hope to write a bit of a review once I’m through the book, this post, however, concerns a quote from his book that just struck me on a number of levels. Strategy makes sense as a project […]

Startups and All That

In a prior blog existence I ran a long set of articles on startups, garnered from my experience in a few and dealing with friends who were in them as well. I still track the startup scene. I think it’s a fascinating thing to do and I’d love to do another. There’s something exciting about […]


Just read Chris Anderson’s Free online via his online blog. You can get it in a variety of formats if you read through recent entries there, including an audio format. Note that the book is available for free but not if you’re outside the US. The audio book is free regardless, it seems. It’s an […]

10 Years Too Early

Over at Musings of a VC in NYC there’s a new article titled “Only Ten Years Too Early“. Man that brings back some memories for me. 10 years ago I began my startup. It’s no more, but the technology we worked on is finally becoming accepted. In fact, the amount of interest mounts constantly. 10 […]

Why I Find Software Depressing

Each day that goes by I find another reason for my disgruntlement, nay, depression with software. What was a cool thing to do has slowly evolved into a form of archaelogical drudgery wherein one digs around in other people’s crappy code trying to sort out how something works and then attempts to morph an idea […]

An addition to my entrepreneur book shelf

How To Get Rich It may not look like a book on entrepreneurship and you may never have heard of Felix Dennis, but trust me this book is definitely on entrepreneurship and you’ve used Mr. Dennis’ products. He founded Dennis Publishing which publishes such titles as MacUser, Computer Shopper, Maxim, and a slew of others […]

Shirky and Overload

This is truly an amazing talk. It explains logically why we see so much crap and why Sturgeon’s Law seems to be the only one we experience day to day. Shirky’s always good for one of those “Duh” forehead slaps. This is another case in point. In terms of spam, and I believe this for […]

Built-in Term Limits

Over at the New York Times there’s a great article on built-in term limits for high-tech companies. But what it really is is a restatement of the Innovator’s Dilemma. It focuses on Microsoft and their dilemma of how to be #1 in the Internet Era. My belief is that Microsoft could own a new era, […]

Fostering Innovation

Running a startup, a research group, or any other group of people who are trying to create something out of nothing is fun, difficult, trying, and a slew of other things. But what it primarily is is intense. Many times folks ask me how to keep people motivated and I’m typically at a loss. I […]

Reality and Fake Steve

You know, Fake Steve makes more sense than most real people. And that’s just sad.

It’s Baaaack!

My favourite dot com publication, The Industry Standard is back! I’ve only looked at it quickly this AM when I found out the public beta was available. They have an interesting line up of pundits and seem to be accepting articles from others. I believe they’re restricting articles to no more than 3 per person […]

Where Are They Now?

C-Net News has an interesting article titled Dot-com Pioneers — Where Are They Now?. It’s a list of all those companies that we all read about in The Industry Standard and elsewhere during the late 90s. Some are obviously still around but some have fallen off our radars, though they exist in one form or […]


I love Paul Graham’s comment on Dan Weinreb’s Why Did Symbolics Fail? article. Complexity has driven me nuts for years. I don’t comprehend why everything has to be so complex. It’s as if there’s a secret cabal someplace that figures it has to be hard, it’s computers. Thank God for Steve Jobs and his ability […]

Bubble 2.0: The Video (updated)

Saw this video over at TechCrunch. Brilliant and funny. Enjoy. That’s the new version. Read why it’s changed here: Updated Video at Plagiarism Today. A nice, level headed piece on the whole issue. Tech Crunch also weighs in. I’ll just sit back and enjoy the video now that it’s back. It is funny, esp. after […]

Books Entrepreneurs Should Read

Over at Seedcamp there’s an article on 30 books every young entrepreneur should read. As with any list you can take it or leave it. But it is a very good list. I’m also assuming they’re not in any particular order. Although I don’t agree that those are the top 30 I’ve never really thought […]

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