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Stonehenge and the Pyramids solved

From watching W.T. Wallington’s video from Discovery Canada (below) and then visiting his site Pyramics, Stonehenge, Easter Island, and the Great Pyramid Explained by Wallace Wallington! you quickly realize the guy’s figured it out. It’s so elegantly simply and uses technology that existed at the time. The most beautiful aspect of his work is that […]

It’s Baaaack!

My favourite dot com publication, The Industry Standard is back! I’ve only looked at it quickly this AM when I found out the public beta was available. They have an interesting line up of pundits and seem to be accepting articles from others. I believe they’re restricting articles to no more than 3 per person […]


I love Paul Graham’s comment on Dan Weinreb’s Why Did Symbolics Fail? article. Complexity has driven me nuts for years. I don’t comprehend why everything has to be so complex. It’s as if there’s a secret cabal someplace that figures it has to be hard, it’s computers. Thank God for Steve Jobs and his ability […]

Lisp Machine VM

I’ve been wondering why no-one has put together a proper Lisp Machine VM. By that I mean a VM that runs in something like VMware Player. It would allow anyone who needs one to simply launch a Lisp Machine. I do realize the original Lisp Machines, like the Symbolics 3600 I coded on decades ago, […]

Bubble 2.0: The Video (updated)

Saw this video over at TechCrunch. Brilliant and funny. Enjoy. That’s the new version. Read why it’s changed here: Updated Video at Plagiarism Today. A nice, level headed piece on the whole issue. Tech Crunch also weighs in. I’ll just sit back and enjoy the video now that it’s back. It is funny, esp. after […]

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