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IT Security
Entrepreneurship: Unwavering Focus

One of the things that our VCs went on an on about was focus. Focus on the bottom line, focus on spending, focus on employee morale, focus on the competition, but mostly focus on the vision and attaining that vision. Focus, focus, focus. It’s easier to say than it is to do. There are just […]

The Move and the Big Start

Returning to my recollections on Texar, we come to the latest installment on the aspects of being an entrepreneur at Texar. An investment from VCs in the bank and visions of grandeur. That’s where we were in the Spring of 1999. We needed office space and found 3500 sq. ft. of it in the west […]

Top Computer Scientists, Ever

I was going through papers as I try to clean up 30+ years of computer science clutter and came upon this list I made back in 2004. It’s a list of the 22 most influential people in computer science, in my opinion. James Anderson [all things security, reference monitor, Multics] John Backus [FORTRAN, Algol, loads […]

RIM No More?

Although I’ve never wanted a RIM device I’ve appreciated what they offered way back when, mainly the 90s when it was a very handy device for sales people or those on the road. An easy way to stay connected. But I could never own one because the device made little sense to me as a […]

How About noOS?

We have NoSQL but maybe it’s time for noOS. I’ve talked about this with colleagues for a while. Many are old enough to realize why we have operating systems, but some of the younger crowd don’t. The reason for an operating system is to equitably share the resources of a computer. This made sense when […]

Bemoaning the State of Information Security

I’ve been in the field of computer security for nearly 25 years and the same old stuff still bugs me. The constant desire to foist security requirements on the end-user is unbelievable, and unwarranted. Security is, at best, an esoteric field and one that most end-users are not sufficiently well versed in to be able […]

The Beginning: Becoming an Entrepreneur
The Beginning: Becoming an Entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur all starts with a single desire: to change the world. You think you can change it by coming up with a cool piece of technology, something no one else has. Something that will fundamentally change and challenge the way the world functions within a particular arena. My arena of expertise is computer […]

According to some … the universe is 20 years old

Just a bit of a rant today. I’m getting more than a bit tired of hearing from reasonably intelligent people that they can’t find a given piece of research because they tend to have this odd belief that the entire universe is but 20 years old. Twenty years old? What, are you nuts? I’m sure […]

Why We May Never Have IT Security

I’ve been asked repeatedly why security is so bad. For years I’ve just ignored the question, figuring it was pretty obvious to anyone who spent more than a few seconds observing IT. However, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s not obvious. Most people don’t get why IT security is hard and getting harder and […]

Ph.D.s, Focus, and the Loss of the Infinite

I’ve been trying for a long while to put into words why I became disenchanted with the Ph.D. process, and why that was one reason — though not the overriding reason — why I terminated my pursuit of a doctorate. But today, sitting back and reading a bit of Thomas Aquinas I came to a […]

10 Years Too Early

Over at Musings of a VC in NYC there’s a new article titled “Only Ten Years Too Early“. Man that brings back some memories for me. 10 years ago I began my startup. It’s no more, but the technology we worked on is finally becoming accepted. In fact, the amount of interest mounts constantly. 10 […]

Monoculture crosses my desk

It’s been a while since I read Dan et al’s original paper CyberInSecurity: The Cost of Monopoly. For whatever reason it’s crossed my desk again, but mostly because of Dan’s followup Monoculture on the Back of the Envelope. To me the original paper was crucial for people to comprehend the issues that arise when a […]

The Morris Worm

Recently it was the 20th Anniversary of the Morris Worm. A number of articles have appeared discussing the worm. It’s hard to believe it’s been 20 years. But the articles tweaked my memory and I remember quite vividly aspects in and around the release of the worm. And I remember quite well talking to Bob […]

Ugh. Spam. Worse still, spam filters

Why are spam filters so brain dead? How hard can it be for the big ISPs to just trash spam that’s in Cyrillic or various Asian scripts? Why can’t I just say: “if it’s not in Latin script, delete it”. Honestly, something so simple and it’s not done. Oh. Sure, I can “make a script” […]

Damn Spam

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