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Americans and Nipples

I just don’t get it. I probably never will. What, you may wonder? Why America’s bizarre inability to handle seeing a woman’s nipple bared anywhere. The country has some type of serious mental problem in this regard. It simply remains unbelievable that they are more than willing to show people graphically and realistically being killed, […]

Things I Wish

I’m a bit behind on my reading — to say nothing of posting. But one thing I have to state is that the new Kindle Paperwhite is awesome. I just wish Amazon would allow me to ship my books back to them so I could get electronic versions of them and thereby start clearing out […]

Automated Takedown of NASA’s Curiosity Landing

This is just gobsmackingly retarded. You’ve got YouTube automatically taking down videos via some algorithm. Why this should be even remotely considered a good idea is beyond me. There is no way an algorithm can discern strictly based on a pattern whether or not something truly infringes on another work. And to then put the […]


I’ve been looking at the Kindle. I installed the Kindle app on my iPad and must say I’m impressed. But maybe not in the way a lot of people see it. Instead of something that allows me to lug lots of books around instead I see it as the means to an end. At the […]

It’s Baaaack!

My favourite dot com publication, The Industry Standard is back! I’ve only looked at it quickly this AM when I found out the public beta was available. They have an interesting line up of pundits and seem to be accepting articles from others. I believe they’re restricting articles to no more than 3 per person […]

Media as a Utility

I see that New Yorker Magazine just did something very nifty: The Complete New Yorker Portable Hard Drive. Although having it online as a subscription service would be great, too, this is an awesome thing to have it if you want to read past articles, search articles, or just relax by reading stuff from the […]

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