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Why I Don’t Believe in UFOs

A friend asked why I don’t believe in UFOs recently and that got me thinking. Why is it that I don’t? What just sets me on edge about the notion other than the predeliction of these aliens of performing anal probes, harassing country bumpkins and generally abusing cattle? But after a bit of thought I […]

Updated Theme

After years of using the same old theme I decided to update it. I wanted something simple and clean. And I wanted something that would look sort of like a magazine, with columns with a picture at the top if I happen to insert a picture in my post. After a bit of digging around […]

Things I Don’t Get

There are a lot of things I just don’t get, such as renaissance fairs, reenactments of past battles and many other things. I also don’t get collecting old stuff and by old stuff I mean what most of us would call junk. So I find it pretty funny that I actually enjoy two shows about […]

Praying Instead of Doing

I’ve no problem with prayer. I have no problem with those of faith — so long as they leave those who don’t believe as they do alone. What I do have a problem with is when people fall back on prayer as the means to an end instead of getting off their sorry asses and […]


I’m well aware of my limitations. I know some things that I do well. I know at some things at which I even excel. At others I’m merely passable. Yet more I’m merely bad. And there are those few things at which I know I simply am incapable. I know some people figure I can […]

RIP: Benoit Mandelbrot

I recall reading about him in High School and then studying his work more in university and thereafter. He passed away today; his legacy will live on. Rest in Peace.

Moths at Large
Moths at Large

A good friend of mine, Jim des Rivieres, is having an exhibit of moth photographs at the Museum of Nature. Before I met Jim I had no idea moths were so beautiful. But the scans that he produces into photographs is utterly amazing. If you click on the picture of the moth it’ll take you […]

New Favourite Blog

I read but a few blogs but I’ve added a new one to my favourites list: Why does everything suck?”. Great name, eh? It’s got a definite entrepreneurial bent but also has some interesting opinions on various technologies. Well worth reading and after reading his articles repeatedly for the past few months via linkage I […]

Moving my Blog

My is going to be phased out. In its stead will come this blog. It’s still a work in progress but I’ll get it organized over the coming months. All the stuff on the old blog will be migrated over, but not quite in the way it was stored in the old blog. Some […]

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