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Americans and Nipples

I just don’t get it. I probably never will. What, you may wonder? Why America’s bizarre inability to handle seeing a woman’s nipple bared anywhere. The country has some type of serious mental problem in this regard. It simply remains unbelievable that they are more than willing to show people graphically and realistically being killed, […]

Rant: Politicians, Especially US Ones

It’s election time down south which means a bunch of politicians are running around making promises about things they usually don’t understand. These self-same politicians are usually also going on about things they don’t understand, like science, having probably not taken a science class since elementary school or, worse, thought it some form of witchcraft […]

Automated Takedown of NASA’s Curiosity Landing

This is just gobsmackingly retarded. You’ve got YouTube automatically taking down videos via some algorithm. Why this should be even remotely considered a good idea is beyond me. There is no way an algorithm can discern strictly based on a pattern whether or not something truly infringes on another work. And to then put the […]

Rant: “Social” Software

Too many interruptions, that’s what seems to be my life of the past 10 years. Since 1995 I’ve definitely noticed many more interruptions to my daily routine. Email is something I’ve been using for more than 20 years and was easily manageable — until everyone else discovered it. Then came cell phones and the web, […]

Are Publishers Insane?

I love reading books. My house is littered with thousands of them. And to me the Kindle is a godsend in that I can have, in my hand, thousands of books and read whatever I feel like whenever and wherever I want. I can travel with the Kindle and ensure that if I’m not in […]

Why I Have Serious Problems With Some Atheists
Why I Have Serious Problems With Some Atheists

This is not a rant against some of my atheist friends who are thoughtful and willing to think deeply beyond the limitations of science. This is directed at certain “new atheists” who, to me, espouse infantile arguments and show utter contempt and intolerance to any views but their own. I have simply grown weary of […]

The insanity of “shareholder value”

I’ve been saying this for years. Many times those with “MBAs” have told me I’m wrong. Yet, deep down, I knew something was remiss. Something was just absolutely, 100% wrong. Why? Because it made no sense to have a company focus on guessing what their balance sheet was going to look like a year from […]

Stupid found between chair and keyboard

It seems there’s a lot of “stupid” going about nowadays. No idea if it’s the internet that’s just giving people more voice or if stupid is just becoming more common. Like many people I get a lot of my news online. Thus, I get to read it at my computer and, if something is interesting, […]

Stupidity Truly Knows No Bounds

I’ve been reading about the Chevrolet Volt fire risk the last few days. It seems to me to be the perfect arbiter of intelligence. If you figure the Volt’s risk is high and you’re utterly panicked by the potential of the battery catching fire, you’re an utter moron. The rest of you can continue on […]

Praying Instead of Doing

I’ve no problem with prayer. I have no problem with those of faith — so long as they leave those who don’t believe as they do alone. What I do have a problem with is when people fall back on prayer as the means to an end instead of getting off their sorry asses and […]

High beams, dim bulbs

What is it with some people who drive around in the city with their high beams on? Even when you try to tell them politely that they have their high beams they look at you like you’re either daft or trying to kill them. Well, maybe at least one dim bulb out there will read […]

Factorial … Fibonacci … ugh

Some may have noticed I coded factorial and called it Fibonacci. That’s courtesy of being sick when I wrote that article. I guess being sick and lucid don’t tend to go together. I’m doing better today and I immediately noticed the mistake. Duh. That’ll teach me for coding while sick…

Creationists drive me nuts

As I sit here in excruciating pain courtesy of yet another kidney stone I can’t help but think how genetics and evolution provided me with this “joyful” condition. Which makes me think of idiotic creationists who think God went about the planet a few thousand years ago going “Horse. Pig. Donkey. …” Insanity. Why creationists […]

What is it with some drivers?

Maybe it’s just me getting older, but I’ve been finding that drivers are getting worse and worse. A few simple examples will easily suffice. Today, driving around town, I was trying to get into the right hand lane. The asshole beside me would repeatedly slow down and speed up, thereby ensuring I couldn’t move over. […]

Black and White or Shades of Grey

This article is interesting in an ironic way. Why? Mostly because the black-or-white thinker is how I think. Make a decision, go with it. Hemming and hawing is stupid and just delays the inevitable. Pick a way, go that way. If it’s wrong. Admit it, turn around. Duh. Stupid people drive me nuts. And this […]

Idiots confound me

I read this article re: Warner Bros. bemoaning the $0.99 rental price Apple wants to charge customers per episode. Perhaps I’m dense, but at 24 episodes per season that works out to approximately $24 to simply rent it. Not own it. Rent it! For a few extra bucks you can actually buy it on DVD. […]

Why’d It Take So Long???

First off I should let anyone who cares know that I’m a UNIX guy from way back. I started using System III and subsequently System V from AT&T in 1983. I used BSD on Vaxen in the 80s as well, where I found Rogue and spent way too much free time battling characters (literally ;-)) […]

According to some … the universe is 20 years old

Just a bit of a rant today. I’m getting more than a bit tired of hearing from reasonably intelligent people that they can’t find a given piece of research because they tend to have this odd belief that the entire universe is but 20 years old. Twenty years old? What, are you nuts? I’m sure […]

Seth Godin on Social Networking

Over at Brand Infection they have a snippet by Seth Godin on Social Networking. I’ve often tried to express my disdain for social networking but never was able to put it quite as properly as Seth Godin does. The short video is well worth watching. The crux of the video is this message: Networking is […]

Wanna know why the US has problems?

Well, I’ve heard stupid things said before, but this takes the cake. Media Matters: O’Reilly’s Fuzzy Canadian Health Care Math And then some wonder why some Americans are totally lost when it comes to doing simple things, like arithmetic. Life expectancy isn’t based on the fact they have 10x as many people, or we have […]

Ph.D.s, Focus, and the Loss of the Infinite

I’ve been trying for a long while to put into words why I became disenchanted with the Ph.D. process, and why that was one reason — though not the overriding reason — why I terminated my pursuit of a doctorate. But today, sitting back and reading a bit of Thomas Aquinas I came to a […]

God Help Us

I tire of these creationist fools, in all their guises. Without diligence they’ll shove us back thousands of years with their insane takes on science. Even after Judge Jones’ stated that those pushing creationism displays “breathtaking inanity”. That phrase can be applied to a lot of idiocy out there, today. For the curious wishing to […]

Shepherding Code

I don’t understand why we’re still shepherding our software through the CPU. Machines are so fast we should be focusing on the software, the experience. Instead, I watch as software gets bigger and bigger, more and more cumbersome. More difficult to understand. When I started coding 30 years ago we had to write tight code […]

Shirky and Overload

This is truly an amazing talk. It explains logically why we see so much crap and why Sturgeon’s Law seems to be the only one we experience day to day. Shirky’s always good for one of those “Duh” forehead slaps. This is another case in point. In terms of spam, and I believe this for […]

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