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Sales, Salespeople, and Salesmanship

In my prior entrepreneurship entry I talked about the key hires that a company had to make early on in its life. I purposely left out one of the most important: the sales team. This could be a VP of Sales, a Director of Sales, whatever, but for a company to succeed it needs to […]

Merry Christmas

Peace and goodwill towards all.

Comments are off … again

Turned them on in a little experiment. Spam rolled in. I have better things to do with my time than examine the comments to keep the spam out so comments are off, again. I doubt I’ll ever turn them on again. No point. Unless I get famous and can hire folks to deal with it. […]

Finally, a little structure … and a taste of things to come

Well, after years of writing in this blog I’ve finally decided to organize it somewhat. I’ve added categories, and gone back and categorized everything. Going forward I think I’m going to focus this blog on to three main topics: Entrepreneurship Programming, Project Management, and Programming Languages Computer Security I’ll throw in some of my other […]

The iPad

First off, hate the name. iSlate would have been better, especially as this is truly a clean slate for many applications and how people will interact with a computer. Now, I’ve been reading all kinds of rants from folks on the web about the iPad. I think they’re all full of it. The iPad represents […]

Why I Find Software Depressing

Each day that goes by I find another reason for my disgruntlement, nay, depression with software. What was a cool thing to do has slowly evolved into a form of archaelogical drudgery wherein one digs around in other people’s crappy code trying to sort out how something works and then attempts to morph an idea […]

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