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Life’s Little Pleasures

Sitting here enjoying a cool summer breeze and the sound of rain falling. Probably one of life’s greatest little pleasures. I so love the smell of the air when it’s raining.


I’m reading the to-and-fro and what’s shocking from the AGW proponent camp is this fixation that “there is no conspiracy”. That’s not the point of what seems to be evident in the emails and source code. What seems to be the problem is that science was corrupted. Science requires openness to both the theories and […]

East Anglia Hack

As a security guy I’ve been pinged by the news about the East Anglia hack, the one about the climate site that was hacked with a slew of emails, data, and code swiped. Whenever something like this happens people wonder if it can happen to their site. Of course, the answer is yes. But we […]

The Science is Settled

When someone tells you “the science is settled” realize they’re neither a scientist nor right. Need proof? Read this. Astrophysicists are having a hell of a time dealing with an odd planet and the repercussions to orbital mechanics, something many would have figured was “settled” over the past 400 years. So next time someone tries […]

We made the New York Times!
We made the New York Times!

Well, for all those out there wondering what it’s like in Ottawa wonder no more. The New York Times decided to write up on our little “Winter from Hell”. Gotta love the picture of Luc Guertin, though, and his 18+ft snow wall :-). Tons of Snow Test a Place Where Cold is No Stranger (registration, […]

Records. But not ones I wanted to see broken

I lived through the winter of 1970-71. It was something else. 444 cm of snow — that’s more than 14.5 feet! — fell that winter. I remember shoveling and shoveling and shoveling. And just when you thought not another flake could fall, more would fall. Well, this winter is now officially the second most snowy […]

Midwest US Ice Storm

I feel for the folks in the US Midwest. This storm has dropped between 0.5cm to 2.5 cm of ice causing general havoc. We went through The Ice Storm of 1998 which is considered the worst ice storm in recent history — dumping 5-7 times as much ice as the Midwest is experiencing. Some folks […]

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