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On Fallacies of Faith
On Fallacies of Faith

I’ve been reading a lot of theology lately. I go in odd spurts. For a while it was all anthropology. Then it was all about writing mystery novels. Then off to Classical history. And lately, theology. And far be it from me to claim even mild expertise, but one thing that’s struck me is that […]

One of my all time Favourite Quotes

I don’t believe in painted roses or bleeding hearts While bullets rape the night of the merciful. — Bono

Rant: Politicians, Especially US Ones

It’s election time down south which means a bunch of politicians are running around making promises about things they usually don’t understand. These self-same politicians are usually also going on about things they don’t understand, like science, having probably not taken a science class since elementary school or, worse, thought it some form of witchcraft […]

Pekazza’s! My latest culinary invention/adventure
Pekazza's! My latest culinary invention/adventure

I’m not sure if this happens to other folks but every-so-often I just get tired of eating the usual stuff we make. It’s not like there’s a small repertoire cooking-wise, but sometimes I just grow tired of what we have and we tend to opt for take out when we get into that situation. But […]

Why I Don’t Believe in UFOs

A friend asked why I don’t believe in UFOs recently and that got me thinking. Why is it that I don’t? What just sets me on edge about the notion other than the predeliction of these aliens of performing anal probes, harassing country bumpkins and generally abusing cattle? But after a bit of thought I […]

Count Dooku, the Waste of a Great Character

I’ve had long conversations with friends and family about Star Wars over the years, and I still do a Star Wars marathon with the kids now and again — and hope to do the Machete Order next time around. As an aside, the Machete Mix just seems like a great idea and was first proposed […]

Useless Warranties
Useless Warranties

My KitchenAid lift stand mixer died a few weeks ago. Since it was out of warranty I figured I’d check online to see what the most likely problem was. The most common problem was a stripped gear, which I personally found to be rather an odd occurrence for a mixer that is supposed to be […]

Watching the KLOCs

I’ve been a computer scientist for over 30 years. That’s a long time no matter how you cut it. And across those years I’ve come to accept somethings, such as the fact that the difference in capability between any two given computer scientists can be an order of magnitude. I’ve also come to accept that […]

Things I Wish

I’m a bit behind on my reading — to say nothing of posting. But one thing I have to state is that the new Kindle Paperwhite is awesome. I just wish Amazon would allow me to ship my books back to them so I could get electronic versions of them and thereby start clearing out […]

The Chevin

Wow. I’ve not felt like this since I first heard U2 in 1979. This group should go far if they don’t implode the way The Stone Roses did. They are that good in my opinion. But folks should make up their own mind. I know I’ll be picking up a copy of their CD. The […]

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